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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How the Tables Turn

Played Friday and Saturday night and lost my ass!  All I know is Friday - I played terrible - I knew when I was beat even though I had strong hands… I still called.  Lost with KK, 4 times, to a lower pocket pair,… Or the check raises, ended up with me pot committed - I called knowing i'm beat.  Terrible terrible night of poker.  I didn't seem to know how to fold.

Saturday night, started off very card dead… had to rebuy, so I put $300 on the table after losing a huge pot with King high flush on the flop - I tried to betting him out of the hand, but he "had a feeling it was coming".  It did - on the river.  So now I am $600 in, but have started to gain some momentum… back up to about $$650. so I am back in the black.  Two new players sit down (after I felted a couple) and holy cow, the fireworks start up!  They each sat down with $200 (this is $1-$2 NL), their very first hand, one doubles up the other one.  One player is fairly decent - some might say - but i'm not sure that he is truly a winning player (I don't think he is).  The other player is TERRIBLE and he will leave over $1000 on the table a couple of times a week.  A few hands later I have AA under the gun.  I raise to $10, I get reraised to $30, the "terrible" player goes All In for his $200 (rebuy), the button goes all in for a little less. So of course I call (terrible player has the largest stack of those three)… and the original reraiser goes all in for around $160.  the "terrible" player, who started the All In has AK - flop comes KsKc 10d 4d 8s - "nice hand".  OMG I was so tilted after all that work getting my chips back.

Long story short, I played 12 hours, ended up $295 down.  UGH

Down $1K for past two nights… so much for the most recent winning streak.

Looking forward to winning again in the $2-$4 game Wednesday night, should be a good one!

Cash me out!

Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Back!! and profits coming my way!

It's been quite a while since I have posted anything - quick update...
I graduated in July with my MBA!  That was pretty tough while working full time.  Poker was virtually impossible to work into my schedule, since school was year round.  I played about three times over the two years - all three times were small profits.  Once i graduated i was back to playing as much as possible - i did take a two week vacation in Cancun to celebrate my graduation as well as my 25th wedding anniversary - it was Amazing and incredibly relaxing!!  Then i had to have an unexpected surgery with a much longer recovery period than i expected.  Still doing physical therapy but i am totally back in the game and running hotter than ever!!  it's been really great.

My bankroll is up to over $9K - and my last week and half sessions i cashed out with no less than $700 after sitting down with no more than $350 for either $2 - 4 or $1 - 2.  My mind seems so much clearer and i am able to focus on what is happening with each player at the table.  It's interesting to see how the game has changed since before i took my break for school.  Its in a different location, many of the same players but far more regular players that have deeper pockets - which results in far more money being put on the table.  All very good news for me :)

Last night was effortless, i played just over 6 hours, it was a fairly soft game with few strong players, - several of the guys were drinking and watching the fight.  which was great for me!  I had many opportunities to bluff them out of hands.  The biggest pot of the night I had 44 under the gun and I limped in.  The guy to my left raised to $12, i knew he had AA - it was just obvious based on his betting pattern.  Of course he was called by two other players that i expected to call - one is a player that plays nearly every hand and easily loses $500 - $1200 at least 2-3 times a week, the second caller was on the button - intoxicated and really not a very good player.  I called and while i was putting my chips in i said, "I have a good feeling about this hand!" and smiled at everyone.  The flop was Kh 4s Qh - i checked with plan to check raise.  AA bet $25, was called by the other two - i raised to $125 - he pushed all in for the exact amount i bet (I didn't do that on purpose) - the other two called - i couldn't believe it.  I knew one was on the heart draw, but i wasn't sure if the button was on a straight draw or flush draw.  The turn was a 9s - i checked, heart draw checked and button went all in for $202 - i was a little worried about the J 10 possibility but not too worried - i was really more deciding if i wanted to go all in for $400 or just call because the other player had about the same amount of chips as me and he was about ready to be done since he was close to booking a win (which is rare for him)... i smooth called - he took forever to decide but he folded.  The river was a blank, 3s - button says i have two pair (K Q) i was happy to turn over my set of 4s, and of course the "short stack" showed his Aces and left.  I stacked the $900 pot - and tipped my favorite dealer :)
i went on a little heater after that and a couple people tried to bluff by going all in when i had either the nut straight or a full house.  I cashed out at midnight after the game was starting to fade - and most players only had between $100 and $200 in front of them - i was ready to have a nice night of sleep.

The most interesting thing that i have noticed lately is that some of these guys are playing aggressive against me, one of the better players reminded me that i have an intimidating presence at the table - which is so funny to me because i don't try to be intimidating.  but when i remember it, i try to use it to my advantage.  More often than not i go by my reads and i feel like my reads have been stronger than they have every been...

Gentlemen, my work is done here

Weds the 5th Profit $1700 - Cash me out!
Weds the 12th Profit $800 - Cash me out!
Sat the 15th Profit $760 - Cash me out!

See ya soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm still goin!

It's been a crazy long time! I've been playing 1-2 times a week for the past four weeks, about once a week for the month before that. Up to that time I had a few more losses from the point of my last post.

I was starting to think I might not ever play again. I was down to $400 from 2500. I was feakin out about nothing holding up. Then I really had a talk with myself about frame of mind and the law of attraction. I'm a believer. I was so focused on "not losing" that the "losing" part was the energy all around. I waited about two weeks and was to the point that I decided I didn't care if I lost it. Was willing to "go broke" and willing to say I'm going to either take a break until I graduate or just stop playing. Well, I won $955 profit and haven't stopped since!lol

I also found a bankroll app and I absolutely love it!!! The app is called Poker Income, and I upgraded from the free version. I use it while I'm playing. Tracks tips, time played, bankroll, etc etc. Profit per hour, day of the week trends etc.

I'm halfway through my first class - managerial accounting. Lots of numbers and calculating. I selected this class, thinking it would be good for my game. Summer softball ended, thank goodness. Terrible experience, the coaches (husband and wife) quit. Fall ball starting and going much better. I just love fastpitch softball and watching my daughter play!!

Project at work, grand opening of new department in a few weeks. Lots of stuff... And best of all, I'm winning winning winning.

My bankroll is at my record high of 3500... I've purchased some cool stuff for the house at pier 1 and not felt guilty :0)

I could continue with more, but I won't. My point for this post is state of mind, positive energy and if you feel like you're going to lose, you are - take the night off.

Tonight I wanted to play if I got my homework completed. I did, and went for a short play if I was up and a long one if I was down... I'm on vacation and going out of town for a week, I was hoping to get one more win for spending money.

Never had to show one hand,...
cash me out, it's 11:00 (started at 8:30)
Profit $375

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been a while

I took a break!  ... My daughters softball team is having a great season... we are going out of town the next two weekends and then we are done for this season.  BUT, my classes start July 11th, so that's something I'm going to have to get used to.  It's been almost 20 years since I've been in school.

I've played only a couple times in the past month, nothing to really comment - no wins.  Until Weds.  I showed up a little late and had to wait for a seat, we started a second table.  It was a fairly soft game - the main table was playing more of a "real" game and one player came over to our table.  For some strange reason, he decided to "target" me... the problem for him was, he didn't realize that I noticed what he was doing,... so it was game on.  It took only three hands and he doubled me up! I raised on the button with an Ace and no action before me.  He re raised minimum.  I had already decided that he was going to do that and I knew he didn't have an Ace.  the flop was A 10 7 rainbow.  He bet, I raised, he called instantly.  The turn was a 9 he check raised me all in.  Ugh... I didn't want to rebuy.  Lately it's been really hard getting my head around the game, but this night I was feeling good about my mood, the game and how it was going to go.  I took my time, I looked at him and he was shaking so bad and his heart was beating so hard... I called.  He showed QJ... he had gut shot on flop and now open ended.  Blank on the river SHIP IT!

I played until about 11:00, I didn't want to leave, it was a great line up on both tables and I knew it would go all night.  I had a big day at work though, so I had to go.

Cash me out!  Profit 125

Friday, May 13, 2011

Coldest run yet!

I've not had a cold run like I just went through over the past three weeks! I couldn't even get the nutz to hold up. Then I started playing with scared money because the losses continued. This week it finally changed and I've booked a couple wins.

I had to slow down on how much I was playing to really process my strategy at the table and how aggressive I need to be or not be. It was frustrating and yet fascinating to go through it. I just hate losing when I know I'm playing well, however I did recognize I was not playing very well after the first two weeks of my cold run and I had to make a change.

I stopped fighting it and relaxed, feel comfortable surer dong but also comfortable making those bluffs at the right time.

Its working again!
Thank goodness. Cash me out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amateur moves, missed opportunities

Took a couple of days off of work and was able to play longer nights - Weds was unfortunate again.  There was no real action for me, other than getting the second nutz a couple of times costing me enough to need to rebuy.  I didn't really make any terrible calls or moves, just was not a good night.  Called it a loss.

Thursday night I decided start with only 100 even though everyone had 200 or more in front of them.  Played solid, for about 1 1/2 hours going up and down just a little - no real action in front of me until I turned the wheel and someone else hit the nutz with 5 6.  I did a rebuy for 80 and got the J high flush against Q high so I added on another 120 and was going no deeper than that.  I was also doing a prop bet.  Lost 120 in the prop bet but was doing well in the game, it was "hilarious" - would have been much funner if I was on the winning side.

The older gentlemen that I have mentioned in previous postings has been playing back at me a lot lately.  He's been booking some pretty big wins in the past few weeks and he won the tourney. He played in the WSOP for over 20 years I think he said.  He slow plays a lot of his big hands, frequently check calls and slow roles the nutz.  He had made a raise preflop and was called so I reraised to 37 with Ah Ad - he called.  (I couldn't believe he called - everyone knew how tight I was playing and how much I was folding)  
The flop came Ac 9c 9s - I checked he bet 20 - I figured he decided I had Kings when he called and was going to represent the Ace if it hit.  I know the person to my left knew where I was, but I still needed to do whatever I could to make my opponent pay me off.  I eventually called and the turn was a 2h I checked he went all in for about 100 and I called and showed my hand.  WTF was I thinking???!!!  I never saw his hand.  I was happy to win the pot and the prop bet pot was about 20.  I'm really curious about what he had, but it didn't matter lol

He was in for about $600 and that was unusually for him, it was very late and that's also unusual for him - it was close to my set time to leave and he knew that.  I was going see two more hands and I look down at As Qs - there were about two limps.  I hesitated and decided to raise to 14, I was prepared for a few calls but it ended up being 5 ways.  The flop was Ac 10d 7s - three checks to me, I bet $38 everyone folded to him - I had a feeling he was going to push for about 180 but I didn't feel like he was strong - I didn't react quickly though.  I counted the pot, thought about the action.  Looked at him and thought about his demeanor and I really could tell I was good.  I also thought, If I call and lose, I'm down a little but I played well and I have to be willing to lose it if I want to win anything.  I also knew I had outs - I could go runner runner for the flush.... I called, and it went runner, runner spades and I was so happy I turned over the nutz.  I was so relieved, he looks at my hand and says, "WELL!  I can't beat the nutz!" and he put both hands on the table, stood up and said goodnight to everyone.  
Oh SHIT!  My buddies were NOT happy with me!  They were so upset that I did not make him show his hand before I showed mine.  I told them I was not going to slow role the nutz.  I just know I had a good read, I believe there was a possibility that he had 8 9 off suite and was open ended on the flop - but that's it at best.  I am very confident that I had a good read and I'm glad I didn't share the information with everyone else.  Most of them think I got lucky and he was good, or they know I was right and are just giving me a hard time because we will never know for sure.  LOL - I love this game even more when I'm winning!

Profit $300
Cash me out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Worst night ever! Lessons learned about this journey...

Last Saturday was the anniversary tournament of our little poker room and I played terrible.  Completely the opposite of the last tournament.  Early in tournament I was check raised, and it was too big of a raise to call.  I had 9s 9h and flop was Js 8d 7s - the check raise was far too big (if I recall it was 3k on a best of 400) - I thought fold, and called anyway.  We checked the turn and the river paired the board, so we checked.  He had AJ -   

About 4 hands later I had Ah Kh I raised in early position with cut off call and SB - flop As 7s 19s - we all checked, turn Ad, checked to me and I bet, cut off raised about the same as last hand - I knew I should fold and I called hoping for my kicker I guess.  She flopped the flush, checked river.  So bad!  

Anyway, I couldn't really get a hand after that, lasted through the 4th round, then I doubled up and felted in two hands.

Played the cash game and ended up winning a total of 7 hands in 16 hours of play.  I made about 3 bad calls after the flop in all that time, but not for any significant  amount - I just knew I was behind and should not call.  Any other hands I went past the flop with, I was cold decked on river 100%.  It was a sick night.  There was so much money on the table - I never really thought I should leave, although I did talk myself into believing the cards were going to change "soon"... lol  I even went as far as to be willing to be $1000 deep - I've always thought it wasn't worth it in that card room.  There are a small number of players that are willing to do that, a few have profited from making the investment but most don't.  I really is not a "safe" room to go that deep because the game could break in a second with no back up options.  I surrendered at $850 stuck and won't ever be willing to go that deep again.

I did think about my blog while I was on this losing run.  (I believe that's a good thing, because of how I believe this blog is supposed to help me reach my goals.) Now I'm reflecting on the goals I've set - and the fact that I've done it publicly.  Just like Steve told me in response to one of my postings;  I should set more short term goals.  I'm going to do that and I'm going to also set some of my goals to include personal spendings.  

I'm not trying to get to $100K without enjoying some of the cash - so, I'm going to give myself credit for the spending of what I will call "capital" purchases.  Items like laptops, ipads etc. for school or our home - home decor. 

I surrender!