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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How the Tables Turn

Played Friday and Saturday night and lost my ass!  All I know is Friday - I played terrible - I knew when I was beat even though I had strong hands… I still called.  Lost with KK, 4 times, to a lower pocket pair,… Or the check raises, ended up with me pot committed - I called knowing i'm beat.  Terrible terrible night of poker.  I didn't seem to know how to fold.

Saturday night, started off very card dead… had to rebuy, so I put $300 on the table after losing a huge pot with King high flush on the flop - I tried to betting him out of the hand, but he "had a feeling it was coming".  It did - on the river.  So now I am $600 in, but have started to gain some momentum… back up to about $$650. so I am back in the black.  Two new players sit down (after I felted a couple) and holy cow, the fireworks start up!  They each sat down with $200 (this is $1-$2 NL), their very first hand, one doubles up the other one.  One player is fairly decent - some might say - but i'm not sure that he is truly a winning player (I don't think he is).  The other player is TERRIBLE and he will leave over $1000 on the table a couple of times a week.  A few hands later I have AA under the gun.  I raise to $10, I get reraised to $30, the "terrible" player goes All In for his $200 (rebuy), the button goes all in for a little less. So of course I call (terrible player has the largest stack of those three)… and the original reraiser goes all in for around $160.  the "terrible" player, who started the All In has AK - flop comes KsKc 10d 4d 8s - "nice hand".  OMG I was so tilted after all that work getting my chips back.

Long story short, I played 12 hours, ended up $295 down.  UGH

Down $1K for past two nights… so much for the most recent winning streak.

Looking forward to winning again in the $2-$4 game Wednesday night, should be a good one!

Cash me out!

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